Joyce/K0JJW New Mountain Goat

Bob K0NR

Congratulations to Joyce/K0JJW for completing 1000 activator points while activating Pikes Peak today. She is my totally awesome hiking partner and spouse. Early on, she always hiked with me on SOTA activations but didn't start pursuing activator points until the middle of 2017.  All of her SOTA contacts have been on the VHF/UHF bands, lots of 2m fm along with 2m ssb, 70 cm and 23 cm FM.
She had quite the pileup on 146.55 MHz today.

She has activated 181 summits, 112 unique in 19 associations.
She is the second female Mountain Goat in Colorado (after Lynn/KC0YQF) and is probably about number 8 female goat in North America? Anyone keeping track?

Why to go, Grrl!

73 Bob
Bob Witte, K0NR
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