KM4PEH 14-er report

Jon Richardson (KM4PEH)

I planned to activate 3 peaks Thursday July 30 and Sat Aug 1.  I only activated one (FR-123), with 3 QSO’s and no activation points.  A disappointing couple of days.  Lessons were learned that I will make use of going forward.


On Sunday August 2, I decided to chase and thought I’d get at least three from Wilkerson Pass.  So I drove there and the terrain allowed easy QSO’s with N0EMU on Badger Mtn (SP-072), K0JJW & K0NR on Mt White (SR-021) and W0CP on 12792 (SP-042).  I wasn’t sure about Mt White beforehand because there are hills between Wilkerson and anything south of Mt Princeton, but the results were perfect.


Wilkerson has a clear shot West to the Collegiates and then back east to Pikes Peak, but to the north, I was staring at the face of Badger Mountain and to the south into some hills.  I was glad to have the three chases and thought that would be it, but I kept trying.  I successfully chased KX0R on Fairburn Mtn (SR-053) and KF0AUK on San Luis Peak (SC-002).


Chasing KX0R on Fairburn (SR-053) was the most interesting.  I was pointing my yagi at Pikes Peak.  Was I getting reflection off of Pikes, or just going around Badger off the side of my Yagi?  I didn’t try aiming in different directions since it was working enough to complete the QSO.


Chasing KF0AUK on San Luis Peak was also interesting simply because of how hard we worked for it.  I could barely hear him.  The fact that I had written down his alert on my notepad and knew to expect him was very helpful.  My yagi was pointing south into the hills directly in front of me so the signal was doing some bending.


The Wilkerson pass location proved to be good for chasing those specific summits.  There was also good Verizon coverage there, allowing me to post spots for a couple of the activators.  The results there made up for the prior frustration.


All of my QSO’s were on 2m FM, with the exception of an extra QSO with K0NR on 446.




Jon Richardson

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