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So here is a write up from the SoCalSOTA group on how this article
came to be: Thank WA9STI:

As promised, here is the story behind the story...

In December 2019 Scott WA9STI activated San Gabriel Peak. While Scott
was there he left a SOTA business card in the peak cache. Now fast
forward to MLK Day, January 2020 - my XYL and I hiked up to San
Gabriel Peak, thinking not many people would be up there on a cold
winter day, plus there was snow on the upper parts of the hike. We got
up there and had the peak to ourselves... so i thought. Anyways we
had no cell service and my handheld rx was getting killed by all of
the RF from Mt. Wilson and Mt. Lukens, so I couldn't spot. I set up an
EFLW and tried busting into some QSOs on 20 & 40, but then the crowds
showed up so I took my antenna down. (Lesson Learned: Don't activate a
small popular peak on a national holiday!) Several people asked what I
was doing and I spoke to them in between trying to make some QSOs on 2
meters. My XYL was being very patient and she was handling the job as
PR person the best she could. (My HF gear was on the bench and that
was generating a lot of questions). So this one very interested guy
pulls Scott's card out of the peak cache and asks if I am Scott. I
told him no but that I knew Scott. The guy took a picture of Scott's
card and put it back in the cache. The guy was Chase Brush, the author
of the Outside Magazine SOTA article.

Chase emailed Scott and asked about SOTA. Scott had Chase to his house
where he gave him a ham radio crash course. He taught him about RF
propagation, the difference between HF and VHF, the difference between
500 watts and QRP, CW, SSB, and FM simplex. Scott made some chaser
contacts so Chase could hear how SOTA worked. On 2/20/20 Chase tagged
along with Scott to a Krakta Ridge activation, which was not an easy
hike in the snow. Scott made 43 contacts on CW, SSB and 2 Meters.
Scott had Chase do some of the CQs and give back the signal reports.
Chase worked AH6V in Hawaii on 17M SSB and spoke with him for several
minutes. He was quite impressed with the low power setup and only 28'
of wire in the air was allowing this magic to happen.

Chase was also very interested in the outdoor aspect, how the hobby
was encouraging people to get outside and explore remote places. He
wanted to know what the internal motivations of SOTA enthusiasts were,
how they started and what keeps them going. Scott told me that Chase
wanted to be put in contact with others active in the community that
had logged lots of SOTA time, and accompany them on their activations.

So through Scott's help, Chase found himself in Colorado with Bob K0NR
and Joyce K0JJW, Steve WG0AT, Brad WA6MM, Paula K9IR, and Mike KE5AKL,
some of the best in the business. Chase had a fantastic introduction
and immersion to the world of ham radio and SOTA. He wrote an
excellent article that is sure to draw many others into ham radio and

So writers write, and editors edit... None of this would have
happened, except for Scott leaving his SOTA business card in the San
Gabriel Peak cache. I was only the guy that said I wasn't Scott when
asked, and that could have been any one of us. Scott really grabbed
the bull by the horns and helped get all of this going. So writers
write, and editors edit and the article is excellent. Scotts's part
was not included, but he certainly deserves a lot of credit, at least
within our SOTA groups!

Way to be a great Positive Ambassador of ham radio and SOTA, Scott!
73 de N6JFD

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