Re: [w0c-sota] Grays and Torrey Parking Tickets

Skyler Fennell

At some point, I am planning on trying Grays Peak from the horseshoe basin up Argentine pass the near Montezuma. 

Or torreys peak from Chihuahua lake. 

Much less crowds back there 

On Tue, Jul 6, 2021 at 3:38 PM Jonathan L. Rosner <rosner@...> wrote:
Sad to hear the news.  Grays and Torreys were the first 14ers I climbed
during the summer of 1958 when I was working at the National Bureau of
Standards in Boulder.  Much less crowded then.

Jon     WO9S

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On Tue, 6 Jul 2021, Bob K0NR wrote:

> Heads up...
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> [w0c-sota] Grays and Torrey Parking Tickets
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> Apparently Clear Creek County is now ticketing cars that park outside
> the main Grays and Torreys 14er peaks trailhead parking -- which is very
> limited.  The ticket will cost you $200.  They are going to make a lot
> of money as most people park alongside the road up to the trailhead!!
> I doubt I'll every climb those peaks again as it has gotten so crowded
> these past several years. Sad.....
> 73, Brad

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