Top Five Myths Concerning the Colorado 14er Event

Bob K0NR

Judging by some of the questions I get, here are the Top Five Myths Concerning the Colorado 14er Event:

1. Mountaintop stations can only operate from 14,000 foot mountains.
A few years ago, the event task force decided to go "all in" and include all Summits On The Air summits in the event. This was a big change that opened up many opportunities for operating from a wide variety of summits across the state. You can still do one of the Colorado 14ers, but you don't have to.

2. Only VHF is used during the 14er Event.
The event started with a bunch of hams hiking 14ers with just a 2m FM handheld radio in their packs. Many still use that approach. But from the early days, all types of amateur radio operating was encouraged. People have done HF, VHF, UHF, satellite, CW, SSB, FM, PSK31... you name it... from the summits.

3. I have to be on a summit to participate
You can be on a summit...that's probably the most fun, if that works for you. Or you can operate from home or other locations to chase the mountaintop activators.

4. Radio activity is only on Sunday morning
This used to be the case but is no longer true. Originally, the event was a single day (usually Sunday) and was focused on the 14ers so activators tried to be off the summits by noon. Since then, we've opened it up to Saturday and Sunday, so its a weekend event.

And this year, we have the W0C-SOTA 10-10-10 event that lasts ten days, starting with the 14er event weekend. See
5. You have to be a crazy awesome mountain climber to participate.
Nope. There is a wide range of SOTA summits available...including some drive-up mountains. As mentioned above, you can also operate from home and chase the summits.
Bob Witte, K0NR
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