Re: [w0c-sota] Grays and Torrey Parking Tickets


It is sad to hear that it is getting so crowded.  Grays and Torrey's were the first mountains that I climbed.  My father took me.  It must have been around 1978 - I had been reading the Borneman & Lampert book & talked my father into going up the Kelso-Torrey's ridge.  I thought it is was the most fun-thing ever, but I am not sure that my father was as enthusiastic about the route.  I recall that we had the ridge to ourselves, but did see a few other groups on the summits and the route down.  There was plenty of room in the parking lot.  I am still climbing & still have the book - complete with a gnawed, discolored hole on page 23 (Longs Peak) ... courtesy of a marmot at the Keyhole on Longs Peak while I was napping (which is also still one of my favorite activities).

I am busy that weekend, so I likely won't be able to work you-all - but enjoy!

Rob - AE7AP

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