Re: Hey summer is here so plan your Colorado 14er Event activation

Bob K0NR

Hi Jon,
It will be good to have someone on Mt Evans on Saturday.

Access to Mt Evans has gotten tighter and a reservation is required to reduce congestion on the mountain.


Bob Witte, K0NR

On 14-Jul-21 9:11 PM, Jon Richardson (KM4PEH) wrote:

I’ll be doing Mt Evans Saturday morning.  I’ll be with family (in other words, schedule not under my control).  Operating 2m, 70cm, 1.2 ghz, 6m; all FM.


Sunday TBD.


I have family coming in from out-of-state that weekend.  Its good timing that my brother scheduled a trip specifically that weekend and specifically to bicycle up Mt Evans.  I’m praying that he can handle the altitude, or have the sense to know when to stop.






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OK, good to see people posting their plans. Thanks!

Our tentative plan (Joyce and I) is to be on Pikes Peak on Saturday and Mt Evans on Sunday. We will do both of these as drive-ups and then operate SOTA style. My thinking is that having activators on these major summits helps generate additional chaser activity. They both cover the front-range cities pretty well.

If you want to join us either day, let me know. We can accommodate multiple operators.
Better yet, if you want to activate either of these summits on the day we will not be there, that would be great, too.

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