Re: Calling All 1.2 GHz Operators

Bob K0NR

A couple of things:

There is a bicycle race up Pikes Peak on Sat August 7th.
They will start around 6:30 AM and the general public will be allowed to drive up the PP highway starting at 9 AM.
So this is looking like a late start for any SOTA activators that day. Joyce and I are evaluating our options.

Brad/WA6MM reported: Mount Evans doesn't have a requirement for their timed entry ticket if you arrive before their entry station is manned at 8am -- which is much better for hikers and climbers as we want to avoid the crowds and frequent thunderstorms starting as early as noon.
Bob/K0NR adds: You could always try for an 8 AM reservation to have some leeway.

If you and Jon/KM4PEH are on Evans at the same time, you will need to coordinate on bands. Two stations on the same band at the same time on will cause interference.


Bob Witte, K0NR

On 21-Jul-21 8:26 AM, Randy Diddel wrote:
Hi Bob,

Earlier this summer, I was thinking about traveling south and activating Handie's and another in the area but I cannot be that far from work. Due to the time of year, work prohibits me from doing much but I am thinking about the following idea. 

When you are Pike's I will travel up to Evans on Saturday and then travel up to Pikes on Sunday while you both are on Evans 

The idea being we can give each other SOTA completes for both summits. 

My understanding is that you have to be up on the road well ahead of 7AM on Evans to avoid the reservation system-is that true?

And, with the construction on Pike's am not entirely sure how far up you can get. Any details on that would be helpful if you have them.

I just acquired a very well built home brew 2M tape measure yagi at the BARC tail gate meeting last night. I also just ordered a WA5VJB PCB 'beam' for 1250-1300mHz.  I will likely bring the Alinco for 1.2, 440. and 2M FM and the KX2 for 2M SSB.

I am thinking I will just operate VHF/UHF for the event and bring Noodle the SOTA dog along if he is permitted up on the summits. I can point the opposite way when Jon is on Evans as well.

How does that sound?

Randy Diddel
Arvada, CO

On Tue, Jul 20, 2021 at 09:39 PM, Bob K0NR wrote:
I am going to be putting some effort into 1.2 GHz contacts during the Colorado 14er Event (and maybe the following 10-10-10 week).
I've talked to a few folks about this but I want to make sure I haven't missed anyone. These contacts will take some planning and coordination.

I think the activity will be FM only but if someone wants to try SSB or CW, let us know.

Activator Stations
Bob/K0NR  (Pikes Peak on Saturday, Mt Evans on Sunday)
Jon/KM4PEH  (Mt Evans on Saturday, TBD on Sunday)
Bob/KI0G   (summit TBD, probably near Glenwood Springs/Aspen)

Chaser Stations
Steve/KL7IWK (Black Forest, serious 1.2 GHz station)
Paul/W0RW (Colorado Springs area, has 1.2 GHz available)

Let me know if you want to play 1.2 GHz.
We will be doing some coordinating off list, so I want to know who's interested.

73 Bob K0NR

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