Another Good Day for 23 cm

Bob K0NR

On Sunday, we had some notable QSOs on 1.2 GHz (23 cm).
David/W0ADV activated both Redcloud Peak (W0C/RG-002) and Sunshine Peak (W0C/RG-004), two 14ers in the San Juan mountains.
Joyce/K0JJW and I worked David on both summits from Mt Evans (W0C/FR-003)
I heard Randy/K5RHD work David on Sunshine Peak, not sure if they worked on Redcloud.

Mt Evans (DM79eo) to Sunshine Peak (DM67gw) or Redcloud Peak (DM67gw)
   244 km (152.6 miles)

Pikes Peak (DM78lu) to Sunshine Peak (DM67gw) or Redcloud Peak (DM67gw)
   234 km (146.2 miles)

Note that I am using the 6-character maidenhead position to do the distance calculations. Sunshine and Redcloud are in the same grid so these calculations are the same for both.
A more precise calculation would have the distance to Sunshine a little bit higher.

The contact with Sunshine was very difficult for us...almost didn't make it. Redcloud was significantly stronger. I need to look at the topography to understand that better.
This is a new personal best for me and Joyce on 1.2 GHz SOTA.

Let's be clear: David did the hard work of climbing two 14ers in a day. Thanks!!!!

73 Bob
Bob Witte, K0NR

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