W0C 10-10-10 - What about next year?

Bob K0NR

Here's a question for the Colorado SOTA community. We saw a nice increase in activity during the 10-10-10 event (tied to the Colorado 14er Event) in August.
As someone said, "activity breeds activity," especially if you are interested in S2S opportunities. I will argue that there is a benefit to having a specific set of days (from time to time) to promote SOTA activity.
If you go back in time (pre-SOTA), the Colorado 14er Event was created with this in mind: "hey, let's all operate from the summits on the same day!"

So what do to next year? I think a 10 day event is too much for an annual event. It would likely just burn us out. But maybe we could expand the 14er event a bit. (Remember, it's not just 14ers, it is a SOTA event.) I know there is some sentiment of NOT doing the 14er event on the weekends because of crowded trails and crowded highways.

So here's a thought: what if we added "bonus days" around the 14er event? Maybe Thursday and Friday before the normal Sat/Sun? Or it could be Friday and Monday, to straddle the event. Or it could be more days, even a whole week. In past years, some of us have already added on activation days around the 14er event, so this would just formalize that idea.

What do y'all think?
Any other ideas to toss into the mix?

73 Bob
Bob Witte, K0NR
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