[nasota] W7A 10-POINT s2s Madness Event Oct 3, 2020

Bob K0NR

A great mountaintop event in Arizona...

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Well, it's fast approaching that time of year again!!  W7A 10-POINT S2S MADNESS is getting closer.

The 2020 version of the W7A 10-POINT s2s MADNESS Event will be held on October 3rd, 2020...a Saturday morning this year.

This is the event were we activate as many 10 Point Arizona Summits as we can at the same time on Saturday Morning. This s2s event runs all day, but most Operators finish up by early afternoon 2100 or so UTC. By then they are exhausted, and their batteries are dead. A few may even start activating Friday evening  (UTC Saturday at 0001).

In 2018 we had: Twenty Five 10 point summits on the air with 35 activators, making 1104 contacts
In 2019 we had: Twenty Three 10 point summits on the air with 27 activators, making 1059 contacts

Chasers and Activators from other states are obviously welcome to join in the s2s fun from a summit or from home. If u are out of state and can get on a summit do so...if it's a 10-pointer even better!!

We operate HF, VHF, and Microwave depending on what each stations capabilities are.

I will have all HF bands from 80-10 Meters (sorry no 60M on my FT817), and then 6M thru 1296 MHz  (50/144/222/432/902/1296). May not use them all, but they will be on the summit with me.

So if u are bored give us a call or two, or head for the hills so we can all rack up more s2s points than you can shake a Yagi at!

I'm pretty sure you won't get bored.


C U in the Chaos!

W7A Association Manager