Preliminary Results for 2001 Event

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Here is the "preliminary 14er event results".
Usually, I get additional information from people
and then publish a "revised final" version.

In particular, did anyone catch the callsign of
an operator on Oxford?


2001 Colorado 14er Radio Event Results
Preliminary - revised Sept 30, 2001

During the 2001 (11th Annual) Colorado 14er Event, 15
"official" 14er peaks were active on the ham bands.

Year Peaks Active
2001 15
2000 18
1999 20
1998 17
1997 20
1996 17
1995 20
1994 16
1993 19

This is the fewest number of peaks active since records have
been kept. While the weather forecast looked a bit unsettled
going into the weekend, the actual weather was near perfect
with no one reporting any significant problems with

From various peaks, activity occurred on these bands using a
variety of modes (CW, SSB, FM, PSK31):
HF, 50 MHz, 144 MHz, 222 MHz, 430/440 MHz, 10 GHz.

Most of the contacts were on 2M FM, due to the popularity of that
band/mode and the compact, lightweight nature of the equipment.
70 cm FM (440 MHz) was the second most popular mode due to the
availability of dualband HTs. While the event will tend to remain
centered on VHF FM due to the need to climb most of the 14ers, we
encourage everyone to experiment with different bands and modes
as they see fit. Phil, N0KE, made the first 10 GHz contacts
for the 14er Event this year. The K0YB crew on Pikes Peak had
an APRS station running for the first time this year.

Mountains Activated This Year

Summit Call (Name)
-------- --------------
Blanca KO0A (Gordon) call is K-oh-zero-A
Bross N0XDW (Jeff), N0KE (Phil), KC0FDT (Donna)
Democrat KC0ADT (Greg)
Elbert WD0HHQ (Rob)
Evans KB0UAA (IAAS club)
Grays KC0GDN (Ian)
Handies KC0CAV (Eric), KC0CEN (Daniel)
Lincoln KC0EFR (Mike), KC0INX (Kristin), KC0MOM (Carol)
Longs N0EC (Ron)
Oxford ???? (Perk?)
Pikes K0YB (K0YB Radio Crew)
Quandary K3OG (Peter)
Torreys KG0CZ (Paul)
Uncompaghre WE7C (Glen)
Wilson Pk N5GIC (Andy)

Other stations at "notable high spots":
Mt. Cameron - WO9S and others
(Cameron is 14,238 feet high but is not on the Colorado
Mountain Club list of official 14ers due to close proximity
to Mt Lincoln)
Trail Ridge Road - K0PF (Chris)

The longest distance contact between 14er stations was on 2M FM
between KB0UAA on Mount Evans and KC0CAV on Handies Peak for a
distance of 153 miles. If you'd like to claim a longer distance
contact, please let me know. (14er distance information is available
on the 14er event web site.)

The record for best DX between 14er stations is 188 miles, set
in 1995 during a QSO between Andy AA0CM on Longs Peak and
Jan W3GEY on Sunshine Peak.

A new 2M all-mode record of 551 miles was set by N0XDW and N0KE
on Mt Bross, who both worked W7XU and N0QJM on CW near
Parker, South Dakota (Grid EN13lm). This blew away the old
record set last year by the crew on Mount Evans (W4HXS
operated by N0XDW) when they worked N5OBA down in New Mexico
for a distance of 395 miles. Evans and Bross have the advantage
of being drive-up mountains.

Of course, let's not get hung up on distance records. Tracking
distance records helps people understand the kind of DX that
is possible on VHF and up without the use of exotic equipment
or requiring exceptional operating conditions. The main goal
is to get out in the mountains, see who we can work, learn
something about radio communications and have some fun along
the way!

Thanks to everyone that came out and activated the mountaintops.
As usual, we had a good mix of returning 14er event veterans
and new participants. I hope you had a fun, safe experience.
Also, thanks goes to all of the operators that took the time
to work the mountaintop stations from down below.

Mark your calendars for next year's event: AUGUST 25, 2002

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