Signups for 2002 Colorado 14er Event

Bob Witte, K0NR <list@...>

Just a reminder that the signup system for the Colorado 14er
Event is on yahoo groups at

We are using the Yahoo groups "database" feature to keep track
of where people plan to operate. Multiple people can sign up
for the same peak...but I'd recommend you either coordinate
your operation with the other people on the same summit or
find another summit. Two operators trying to use the same
band at the same time on the same peak pretty much guarantees
that you will interfere with each other.

If you don't have web access or just need help getting signed up,
ask someone else to post your intentions. I am happy to
assist with this...just send me an email.

There are 7 peaks signed up as of today.

Bob Witte K0NR
(formerly KB0CY)