[w0c-sota] Mt Bierstadt Can Be Dangerous!

Bob K0NR

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Subject: [w0c-sota] Mt Bierstadt Can Be Dangerous!
Date: Sat, 05 Jun 2021 05:44:43 -0700
From: Brad WA6MM <wa6mm@...>
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Here's a podcast (~one hour long) about a group of hikers caught out in a storm on Mt Bierstadt just one month ago.  I can relate to their predicament as I was chased off that summit two years ago the first week of June when a fast moving storm came in with thunder and lightning.  I waited too long to descend as I thought the storm was going to miss the summit.  Scary stuff but I was able to quickly descend the snow slopes to relative safety.  Mt Bierstadt is considered one of the easier 14ers so people get complacent and don't give that mountain enough respect.  Many people aren't prepared and leave the trailhead for the summit much too late in the morning. 


The thunderstorm season is upon us now!
73, Brad