W0C Summits On The Air Meeting - Feb 24 - 7 PM

Bob K0NR

WØC SOTA Meeting

Feb 24, 2021 - 7 PM Mountain

Instead of having a W0C dinner this year, we will be having an online meeting (via Zoom) to get the W0C SOTA folks together.
SOTA enthusiasts outside of Colorado that have an interest in chasing or activating W0C are welcome to join us.

If we were all together, we would be enjoying our favorite beverages, so I encourage you to plan ahead and have a drink or two available. Cash bar. 😁

Feel free to forward this to people that are interested but don’t post the Zoom details on a public website (to avoid any malicious participants). No registration required.

Come join us for a fun time!!!

Bob K0NR


1. Welcome and introductions - 15 min
   (modulate the introduction time per person to fit into 15 minutes)

2. Short Topics - 2 hours

Each Short Topic has up to 10 minutes for presentation
These can just be verbal or include slides, depending on the topic
Keep it informal, low overhead on preparation
It does not have to take 10 minutes, can be shorter but not longer
Add up to 5 additional minutes for group discussion
So this gives us a maximum time of 15 minutes per Short Topic
With 2 hours for this, that is at least 8 topics, maybe more if they are shorter


Here’s are tentative list, subject to change. We have room for at least one more topic, so let me know if you want to present.


Short Topic



W0C Honor Roll – Activator, Chaser, S2S



Colorado 14 Event



My First Year of SOTA



Summit Approach Adventures

- First Activation of Oregon Butte, (W7I/IC-045)
- Second Activation of Cameron Cone, (W0C/FR-138)




Activating Alpine Plateau W0C/WE-082



Twenty-Nine Summits in Europe



Icom IC-705 First Impressions



< room for one more topic>




 3. Wrap up  - 15 minutes
     Final comments, last minute discussion


Zoom Meeting Info

Topic: W0C SOTA Meeting

Time: Feb 24, 2021 07:00 PM Mountain Time (US and Canada)

Email bob@... for Zoom info.