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Colorado 14er Event Operating Frequencies

***Feel free to expand your operation into other bands and modes***

2m FM Frequencies Most of the 14er hikers carry FM handheld radios, so 2 Meters can be very busy. Start out operating on the North America Adventure Frequency (146.58 MHz) and then spread out as the activity increases. Don't just hang out on 146.58 MHz !!!

 146.580 FM   North America Adventure Frequency
 146.550 FM    Simplex Alternate 
 146.490 FM    Simplex Alternate 
What about 146.52 MHz? You may want to put a call out on 146.52 MHz, FM National Calling Frequency and common 2m FM SOTA frequency. However, we will completely overrun this frequency if everyone uses it during the Colorado 14er Event. So it is best to move contacts over to the other designated simplex frequencies, spreading out the action.

70 cm FM Frequencies The 70 cm FM frequencies will also be active due to the dualband handheld radios
 446.000 FM    70cm Calling Frequency
 446.025 FM    Alternate 70cm Simplex 

23 cm FM Frequency The 23 cm FM frequency may see some use during the event
 1294.5  FM    Primary 23cm Simplex Frequency

Other VHF Frequencies
 144.200 SSB   2m SSB Calling Frequency
 223.500 FM     Primary 1.25m Simplex Frequency
 50.125  SSB    6m SSB Calling Frequency
 52.525  FM      Primary 6m FM Frequency

High Frequency Bands 20m and 40m are the most popular bands for HF operating. Look for activity on these frequencies depending on conditions and QRM
   7.032  CW   40m CW Frequency
   7.185  SSB  40m SSB Frequency

 10.110  CW   30m CW Frequency

 14.060  CW   20m CW Frequency
 14.345  SSB  20m SSB Frequency

 18.092  CW   17m CW Frequency
 18.158  SSB  17m SSB Frequency

 21.060  CW   15m CW Frequency
 21.330  SSB  15m SSB Frequency

 28.060  CW   10m CW Frequency
 28.350  SSB  10m SSB Frequency