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I'd like to alert you all to an event that takes place in the SW Colorado
mountains in early July and that needs a cadre of radio hams who enjoy the
high, backcountry. The event is the Hardrock Hundred, a 100 mile foot race
that starts and finishes in Silverton, CO and this year takes place July 12th
- 14th. The race takes place almost entirely on obscure trails and tracks in
the mountains, as the runners will wend their way from Silverton, almost to
Lake City, over the summit of Handies Peak and then on to Ouray and
Telluride, before ending up in Silverton again. The time limit for the run
is 48 hours.

The only way this run takes place is through the efforts of radio hams who
work at each of the aid stations keeping track of runners. Some of the aid
stations are hike-in ones and would be GREAT practice for the 14ner event.
The race is also an interesting technical challenge for amateur radio
considering the terrain. Since the race started, there is now a permanent 2m
repeater in Silverton (partially supported with race funds) and we also make
use of a number of temporary 70cm and 2m repeaters. Last year there was an
attempt at getting an ATV link from one of the aid stations to the finish

If any of you are interested in volunteering for this event or have
questions, please contact me via email or phone and let me know. I have
worked the race each year since its inception in 1992 (it was canceled one
year due to excess snow on the course!). You might also like to take a look
at the Hardrock website at

Thanks for reading,
Molly, W├śMOM


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