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I live at 42ft above sea level. I'm 41 and don't smoke. I'm also an excellent swimmer as I lap-swim at my local YMCA. I can easily swim the length of an olympic-sized pool (50 meters) underwater, without surfacing for air. I'm also a Naui certified Advanced SCUBA diver. As a full-time Deputy Sheriff for the past 19 years, I have to stay in good shape.

Unfortunately, when I hike above 5,000ft, I'm a slug! Just walking to the restroom in the Pine Springs Campground (5,822ft) at the Guadalupe Mountains National Park in Texas got me winded! I've hiked up to Guadalupe Peak (8,751ft) twice. Most recently this past December. The trail is 4.2 miles one-way with 3,000ft elevation gain. I started at 7am, Activated the summit for SOTA for about 1 hour, then got back to my camp at 5pm.

It took me 4.5 hrs to get to the summit. The route up to Culebra Peak is a little shorter, but the entire route is 5,300ft higher than the Guadalupe Peak trail. My estimate is that it will take me at least 5 hrs to hike the 3.5 mile route up to Culebra Peak. If the Ranch folks open the gate on time at 6am, I hope to get started before 7am. Hopefully, I can set up and get on the air before the 12 noon 14er Event end time.

To train for this ahead of time here in Louisiana, maybe I can duct tape my mouth closed when I run ;) Nah, people would think I was a kidnap victim escaping my captors!

Baton Rouge,LA
W5A-Arkansas SOTA manager

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The problem with Long's peak is that it's one of the longest and hardest climbs of any of the 14er's. I've climbed it over 30 times but never did I find it easy. Anyone taking equipment to operate on SSB will likely be pretty slow. Even leaving at 4am sometimes takes an average climber until 10am or later. I averaged about 3 hours but that is an exception and with no radio equip. You should easily be at the top before the Long's Peak folks. If I'm in CO during the 14er event I will activate Long's with ssb and beam antenna to try to get that elusive record.
At Culebra You can park and camp along the road just before the entrance to the ranch, then unless you have a 4wd vehicle, you'll have a little longer hike (unless you can catch a ride with someone else with a Jeep. I forget exactly how far it is but as I recall it didn't seem all that far to me. Good luck and hope to hear you SOTA.


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