Re: SOTA Resources


Matt, I respect your opinion about self-spotting. Bryan, I can relate to your example of being in a hurry. I have done both. Personally, time is my worst enemy when activating for SOTA. The closest qualifying summit to my home is 4.5 hr drive. I have to take vacation time from work, to activate anything. When I take a trip to Arkansas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, etc, I have to make every day count. This means 2-3 summits a day. For me, it's more of a hot dog eating contest. I go like crazy, and get as many as I can before I've got to head home. A month or two later, I do it all over again. I would love to live in the mountains and be able to casually activate on the weekends. Savor a good steak, rather than scarf down some hot dogs ;-) Andrew KD5ZZK

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