Pikes Peak log - Saturday K0NR + KB9DPF

Bob K0NR

Saturday K0NR and KB9DPF operated from Pikes Peak. The summit was socked in all morning, cold and damp.
We worked three SOTA summits: Crestone (14er), Shavano (14er) and Venable Peak (W0C/SC-008).
We drove to the summit and then did a SOTA-compliant activation.

Station was a mix of HTs, FT-817, half-wave verticals and small Arrow
yagis for 2m/70cm.

We tried 2m ssb (144.200 MHz USB) but no luck there.

K0NR Log

Freq Time (Mtn) Callsign Location
147.45 1029 KI6YMZ Crestone David
1030 KD00BIK
1031 KQ6EE Pueblo West
1032 WI6T Littleton
1034 WA6TTY Woodland Park Ken
1034 N0LP Littleton Nick
1035 AB0YM Littleon George
1037 KG0YS Fort Lupton Eric
1038 K0MGL Teller County
147.42 1054 WA6MM Shavano Brad
1055 N2GBR Shavano
1055 KE0DDZ Venable Peak
1057 K3ILC Col Springs
1058 K0MGL
1059 N0RU
446.0 1115 K3ILC
1118 AG5CQ
1119 K9DBX
1120 N0RU


446.0 1041 N0LP Littleton
1044 AA0QC
1059 K0MGL west of Pikes

147.42 1135 WD5EAA westminister
1136 AG5CQ aurora
1138 K9DBX lakewood
1140 WA6TTY woodland park
1141 KC0ET bill

Bob Witte / K0NR / @K0NR / www.k0nr.com

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