Re: Colorado 14er Event Results - Please send in logs to UHF Contest

Bob K0NR


Good reminder. I submitted my log but only had a few contacts because the contest starts at noon Mountain time on Saturday. So my Saturday morning QSOs were outside the contest window.


Bob Witte / K0NR / @K0NR /

On 8/11/2016 10:33 AM, James Duffey JamesDuffey@... [ham14er] wrote:
QSOes made on 222MHz and up in the 14er event can be submitted as contest logs for the August UHF Contest if QSOes were made between 1800Z Saturday and 1800Z Sunday. If you made QSOes during that time on UHF, please submit a log to the UHF contest. Here are instructions on how to do that; it is simple:

< >

You can mail in paper logs as well, which may be the painless way to do things, but the easiest way for everyone all round is to send in an electronic log. If you only have a few QSOes and didnt log electronically, you can hand enter your QSOes here:

< >

which will generate a Cabrillo formatted log for you.

Dont worry that your log is too small. No log is too small. Both K0NR and myself have won regional and divisional VHF/UHF contests in the Portable category with only a handful of QSOes. The contest sponsors like to see activity, no matter how small, and activity in the UHF contest is usually low in this part of the country. Your chances of getting a certificate are pretty good.

With the ARRL canceling the UHF contest this year, several individuals and clubs stepped up and are sponsoring the contest. By sending in a log, you signal to them that their sponsorship is worth something, and also send a message to the ARRL and others that competitive activities on the bands above 222MHz are important to many hams. - Thanks - Duffey KK6MC


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