Mt Sneffels log Sunday Aug 7


Randy K5RHD and I activated Mt Sneffels on Sunday August 7. The route up Sneffels was quite busy. There were at least 20 other hikers along the trail that day. I set up my Alpha EZ Military vertical antenna on a north facing spur only 20ft away from the actual summit and only 6ft below.

146.580 FM
NM5SW 1744 UTC (S2S from Handies Peak W0C/SJ-001)

7.190 ssb
NQ7R 1754 UTC
W7RV 1755 UTC
K7ZO 1755 UTC
AA7DK 1758 UTC

14.3425 ssb
W0MNA 1800 UTC
W0ERI 1800 UTC
AC1Z 1808 UTC
K6EL 1809 UTC
N4EX 1810 UTC
AA0CW 1812
W6JMP 1814
KG6SVF 1815
NS7P 1816 (S2S from W7OCS-055)
N7WWH 1816
K6KNS 1817
VA6FUN 1818
WA7SB 1819
KF7SEY 1820
K2JB 1821

147.420 FM
KE0HNW 1821 (S2S from W0C/SJ-015)

We got some light rain on the way down, but no lightning. It seemed to take longer going down the scree slope than going up.

Baton Rouge,LA
W5A-Arkansas SOTA manager

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