Re: Quandary Peak Activation W0C/PR-014, Sunday January 22nd

Mark Molberg

Good morning Scott,


I was carrying a Yaesu 817 and I had a RadioWavz end fed 20 meter antenna. At the end of the 20 meter wire, I soldered half of a 9 volt battery terminal. I soldered the other half of the battery terminal to another piece of wire so I could clip them together and lengthen my wire to use on 40 meters. I was intending to use my snowshoes and poles to hold the wire off the ground horizontally. If the summit was windswept of snow and the rocks were exposed, I was considering just laying it on the rocks and trying it that way. On another summit this fall, my pole broke and left the wire draped over a rocky summit. The guy I was having a QSO with in NY said my signal improved after that.


I have a Cabela’s Crappie rod that I have been carrying up, though I skipped it this trip. I was really trying to cut down on my weight. The pole sticks out of my pack high enough to be a real pain in the trees.


I am really thinking about building this dipole and trying it,


I just started in SOTA this summer and this would have been my 13th activation. I am still trying to learn what works for antennas. I am certainly open to suggestions and links to what antennas and poles other activators are using! I am starting to write up my reports at


73, Mark




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Congrats on the summit. Having done 14 of Colorado's Fourteeners I can feel your joy for summiting, and I have had a couple of no activation's for SOTA myself.   


I am curios as to what your gear deployment plan was, what antenna and how were you going to set it up? 


I use a KX2 and a home brew endfed on a 28' push up fishing pole that collapses to 22" for packing. I have both a 67' and 34' wire to deploy as real-estate permits. The KX2 built in tuner is amazing and I have had a lot of success with this combination.


73 Scott AK6Q


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