Missouri Mountain W0C/SP-003 Saturday August 5th 2017

Mark Molberg

I intended to climb 14ers both Saturday and Sunday. I climbed Missouri on Saturday and on the way down my knees were hurting. I figured I'd be too sore for another summit. I had a friend ask me earlier in the week if I was able to help with radio communications for a race in Leadville. So on Sunday I worked checkpoint 5 of the burro race for Leadville Boom Days. I drove my Rav4 up some 4wd roads to a saddle between Ball Mountain and East Ball Mountain where I directed racers to turn off the road onto a single track. This is a point that racers not familiar with the course will miss and will take off in the wrong direction. I called in checkpoint times for 39 racers. I enjoy working events and will be playing radio for the Golden Gran Fondo https://www.granfondonationalchampionshipseries.com/golden-gran-fondo/

But, back to SOTA.

Saturday morning I started hiking at 5:30 AM. There were a number of hikers around me. Most of the hikers near me headed off towards Mount Belford. I thought there would be more Missouri hikers than I saw. As I got closer to Missouri I saw several dozen hikers on the route ahead of and above me. I think the Missouri Hikers were getting an earlier start than the Belford hikers. I reached the summit of Missouri at 10:30 and set up a Elk yagi and made 8 contacts on VHF. I must have written down something wrong but I wrote down K0GNR as one of my contacts. I omitted that one from my activation as I dont see any other ref to this call sign. I made 8 quick VHF contacts, seven S2S. I started setting up my HWEF wire but decided I had enough already and headed down. I have always had a little problem with altitude and had quite a headache on the trip down. I met up with WA6MM at the Twin Peaks Campground by Twin Lakes to camp for the night. I left for Leadville early the next morning.

16:47zKX0R144MHzFMS2S W0C/SP-062 - Topaz Mountain
16:48zWA6MM144MHzFMS2S W0C/SP-001 - La Plata Peak 14er Event
16:50zK0NR144MHzFMS2S W0C/SR-010 - Huron Peak 14er Event
16:52zNS0TA144MHzFMS2S W0C/FR-004 - Pikes Peak 14er Event
16:55zN0TA144MHzFMS2S W0C/SP-062 - Topaz Mountain
16:56zKC0YQN144MHzFMS2S W0C/FR-002 - Grays Peak 14er Event
16:58zKI6YMZ144MHzFMS2S W0C/SR-062 Pyramid Peak 14er Event
17:06zN0ZPX144MHzFMMobile station

I think next year I will climb Saturday and work the race Sunday. It made a great radio weekend.




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