Re: Wetterhorn/Uncompahgre Activations

Terry Carter

John, that's too bad that I missed you both days. I also primarily use a Baofeng HT, for now. I've found the receiver can be less than adequate, especially when it comes to picking up weak signals... (even with the squelch all the way open) The antenna I use is the Arrow 3 element 2-meter yagi. It's lightweight and can be easily disassembled and placed in my pack in a manner similar to my hiking poles!

Terry (KE0HNW)

On Aug 8, 2017, at 22:28, jklmnop@... [ham14er] <ham14er@...> wrote:


Hi Terry

  My girlfriend and I drove in from Utah intending to climb Handies (we didn't make it). I answered your CQs on Saturday and Sunday but apparently I never got through (all I have is a BaoFeng HT.  I didn't expect much and it didn't disappoint).
Just curious, what kind of antenna were you using?

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