14'er event, Humboldt Peak

Gerry Paschal

Greetings All.  We had some success and a lot of challenges and enjoyment with participation in the 14'er event this year.  This was our 4th year, having previously visited the peaks at Massive, Elbert and Harvard.  Comedies of errors kept us from operating much in those tries, but we enjoyed the efforts.  A group of 6 of us headed up Humboldt Peak with three actually making the summit.  We operated for about an hour and made a number of contacts on 2 meters.  Clouds came by and it cooled off really quickly, but then it cleared for a few minutes and allowed us to continue.  We headed back down and got to base camp at tree line before it started raining, thundering, etc...  In other words it worked out fine.

    K0NR        144 MHz    FM    Evans              
    WE7C        144 MHz    FM    South Baldy      
    KE0NSB     144 MHz    FM    Pikes             
    KT0AM      144 MHz    FM    Huron               
    KE0HNN    144 MHz    FM    Uncompahgre        
    K0JJW       144 MHz    FM    Evans

We will try again next year, and with 70 cm as well.

73, Gerry  KC5JKU, Broken Arrow OK

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