Re: Thanks for the QSOs in the Colorado 14er Event

b underhill

I did actually get to the top of Missouri Mountain on Sunday hoping to activate.  But the weather was coming in so I turned around and left (about 10:30).  It has a half mile summit ridge and you don't want to be caught up there.
Will try again next year.
Brian Underhill KD0IHC

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Thanks for the comments.
I was hoping we'd see a few more people activate on both days. It seems
that even some of our strongest climbers got a bit wore out on Saturday
and didn't return on Sunday.
It will be interesting to look at the logs and see who was active when.

73, Bob

Bob Witte / K0NR / bob@... /

On 07-Aug-17 3:17 PM, wa6mm@... [ham14er] wrote:
> Hi Bob,
> I had a wonderful time doing the 14er/SOTA event on Saturday! I made
> 7 S2S contacts -- 6 of them on CO 14ers. I also made about 9 40m CW
> contacts to allow other SOTA chasers to participate in our event. I
> posted my log on the SOTA site. Several of us (including me) decided
> to bail on Sunday as we were really sore and tired. We also camped out
> in the rain Saturday night/Sunday morning which didn't help.
> In terms of the good, bad, and ugly...
> It's good the 14er event spans two days. Last year the weather on the
> first day was bad...this year the weather was great on Saturday. The
> bad is all the people and tourists that hike 14ers during the summer
> here! You continuously need to step off the trail to let people pass
> coming down and going up the mountain. That's life in Colorado these
> days as many more people are coming here to hike these peaks -- as
> well as the people living here. Totally understandable as these
> mountains are world-class!
> The other good thing is many of us were QRV at the same time. Several
> of us did tough peaks that took a lot of effort to climb and descend.
> It would be better if all us tried to summit at the same time. As you
> know, it's best to be off the peaks before noon (sometimes sooner) due
> to the unpredictable weather during the summer months.
> The only ugly comment I have is I'm still sore and recovering from my
> climb. I hope I can walk better in the next few days! I guess I'm
> getting too old for this ;-).
> Thanks for your continued sponsorship and dedication to this event.
> I'll keep doing this as long as I'm able.
> 73., Brad
> ---In ham14er@..., wrote :
> Thanks to everyone that came out and played mountaintop radio this
> weekend.
> Joyce K0JJW and I had a fun time on Mount Evans today.
> We hiked up from Summit Lake and operated 2m and 70 cm fm for almost 2
> hours.
> I am still working through the details on that.
> My impression is that the weather this weekend was mostly pretty good
> across the state, with the usual storms rolling in during the afternoon
> hours.
> What's Next?
> Share your results by sending an email to the ham14er yahoo group.
> Include whatever you want:
> what was the most fun, what was not so good, weather issues, what you'll
> change for next time, etc.
> Many of us share our logs so we can catch and correct errors.
> Submit your log to the SOTA database:
> Most experienced SOTA operators know how to do this.
> If you are new to the game, I highly encourage you to start submitted
> your log info.
> That way, you have a record of your contacts and can see your score
> start to grow.
> Any questions, let me know.
> 73, Bob K0NR
> --
> Bob Witte / K0NR / bob@... /

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