Re: K0NR and K0JJW 2017 Colorado 14er Event

Peter Ebertowsky

from KD0YOB, Peter

Greetings, all! I did a long (for me) and rewarding hike in the Never Summer Wilderness Saturday and a shorter easier hike Sunday.  I hiked Cascade Mountain (W0C/FR-059, 12300 ft) Saturday and Poison Ridge (W0C/FR-087, 11417 ft) Sunday, both in north central Colorado. I got a late start both both days, which limited the number of Colorado contacts I made. Setting up for HF Saturday, there was the sound of static on my rig when I first turned it on that I attributed to the dark cloud overhead. I was prepared to break things back down and get off the summit quickly, but fortunately the static went away after less than a minute and I was able to spend three hours with fairly nice weather. It was good to make contact with Jeff, N0XDQ, both days. Post-event, I'm thinking of ways for more contacts on more bands next year, and maybe even making it up a 14er.


Saturday SOTA Summit to Summit and Ham14er event contacts

12:01    144MHz    FM    K0ALB                146.52 hiking Flat Top RMNP CO
12:15    14MHz    SSB    KE6MT    W6/NS-375    14.347 S55 R41 S2S CA
12:25    14MHz    SSB    N0XDW    W0C/FR-003    14.332 Mt Evans CO
12:29    14MHz    SSB    K2JB    W4C/WM-047    14.332 S57 R57 S2S NC
12:30    14MHz    SSB    KM6DQU    W6/CT-120    14.332 S33 R48 S2S CA
12:31    14MHz    SSB    KI4SVM    W4C/WM-052    14.332 S55 R54 S2S NC
12:34    14MHz    SSB    WA7BAB    W7W/SN-105    14.332 S57 R59 S2S WA
12:58    144MHz    SSB    KD0MFR    W0C/SR-061    147.42 Mt. Sherman CO
13:10    14MHz    SSB    K7TVA    W7W/LC-101    14.345 S44 R33 S2S WA
13:19    14MHz    SSB    KC4WZB    W4C/WM-014    14.330 S55 R55 S2S NC
19:41    144MHz    SSB    WT0C    W0C/FR-060    147.42 Berrian Mountain CO
20:50    14MHz    SSB    KR7RK    W7A/AW-001    14.347 S55 R55 S2S AZ

Sunday SOTA Summit to Summit and Ham14er event contacts

16:09    14MHz    SSB    N0XDQ    W0C/PR-082    14.339 Squaw Mountain CO
16:20    433MHz    FM    K0NR    W0C/FR-003    446.00 Bob Mt Evans CO
16:27    144MHz    FM    K0JJW    W0C/FR-003    147.42 Joyce Mt Evans CO
16:41    144MHz    FM    WG0AT    W0C/FR-063    147.42 Steve Mt Herman CO
17:06    7MHz    SSB    N0XDQ    W0C/PR-082    7.280 S59 R55 CO
17:28    14MHz    SSB    NS7P    W7O/CE-024    14.342 S44 R55 S2S OR
19:38    14MHz    SSB    K2JB    W4C/CM-007    14.347 S33 R33 S2S NC

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