Re: K0NR and K0JJW 2017 Colorado 14er Event

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Thanks for another great event. I tried to enter my log on the SOTA site, but there was an error of some sort, it let me enter them all in, but when i clicked finish it croaked... so here is the log entries for Mt Evens W0C/FR-003:

Time Call sign Band Mode Notes
17:31 W0MNA 14MHz SSB
17:32 W0ERI 14MHz SSB
17:33 K7ZO 14MHz SSB
17:33 N4DA 14MHz SSB
17:34 NS7P 14MHz SSB S2S W7O/CE-073
17:36 KI4SVM 14MHz SSB S2S W4C/WM-052
17:37 W7RV 14MHz SSB
17:38 K6HPX 14MHz SSB
17:39 KX3DX 14MHz SSB
17:40 K2JB 14MHz SSB S2S W4C/WM-047
17:42 W6WW 14MHz SSB
17:43 WA2USA 14MHz SSB
17:46 WA7BAR 14MHz SSB S2S W7W/SN-105
17:59 KD0JUD 7MHz SSB
18:02 K0MLD 50MHz SSB DM79
18:07 W0RW 50MHz SSB
18:09 K0GPA 14MHz SSB
18:24 KD0YOB 14MHz SSB S2S W0C/PR-059
18:34 VE7CV 14MHz SSB
18:35 NQ7R 14MHz SSB
18:36 WA5DTK 14MHz SSB
18:36 N6PKT 14MHz SSB
18:37 VA6FUN 14MHz SSB
18:37 NG6R 14MHz SSB
18:38 AC1Z 14MHz SSB
18:38 W5ODS 14MHz SSB
18:40 WC6J 14MHz SSB S2S W6/ND-392
18:41 AA7DK 14MHz SSB
19:02 N0BCB 14MHz SSB S2S W0C/PR-108

73 de NØXDW

On August 7, 2017 at 7:18 PM "'Bob Witte (K0NR)' @K0NR [ham14er]" <ham14er@...> wrote:

Joyce K0JJW and I had a wonderful time playing radios on the 14er event
On Saturday, we got up at Oh Dark Thirty to get to the Huron Peak
trailhead by 6 am.
As many people have pointed out, Huron Peak is considered one of the
most attractive 14er hikes.
We made the summit by 10 AM and started operating. We operated 2m fm and
70 cm fm using handheld radios with 1/2-wave vertical antennas. I
actually carried a pair of yagi antennas along but never got around to
deploying them. Weather was mostly cloudy but it never really threatened

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