Re: SOTA Activation - Grays and Torreys


Hi Bob thanks for checking in with me. I was just thinking about emailing the group about the activations. Our group had a a great hike of both Grays and Torreys Peak and was able to activate both on 2m. :) Perfect weather and safe hike. Got to the top of Grays about 8:30am and then Torryes a while after. We saw quite a few mountain goats which was awesome.

I always love explaining to people about SOTA on the summit when they ask what I am doing up there pointing my tape measure yagi around. :) Was able to introduce 2 people in my group to SOTA and showed them how it all works. One of them is taking their Tech exam Oct 5, so I am excited to have another friend with their license.

I did have something strange happen on Grays peak. I had my radio on both 146.52 and 147.42(main 14er freq) and I happened to hear a station on 147.42 and said he was in Pennsylvania. I was thinking to myself, "How is this possible on 2m?!" I attempted to call him and he could only make out some of my call sign. He said he was on a VOIP node I think. Has anyone else run into this? Is there a node here locally or was I reaching one further away I wonder?

Anyway these are my contacts from the day. Thanks everyone for the QSOs. Had a great time in nature and with friends.


Date:27/Aug/2017 Summit:W0C/FR-002 (Grays Peak) Call Used:KE0BTX Points: 10


Date:27/Aug/2017 Summit:W0C/PR-013 (Torreys Peak) Call Used:KE0BTX Points: 10

Time Call Band Mode
16:33z KC4QYX 144MHz FM
16:34z KM5TY 144MHz FM
16:36z KE0KHR 144MHz FM
16:39z K1BRX 144MHz FM
16:42z KE0OES 144MHz FM
16:45z N0LEA 144MHz FM
16:45z WN6OTL 144MHz FM
16:47z KE0MBU 144MHz FM
16:48z AC0YV 144MHz FM
16:50z NQ0L 144MHz FM

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