Re: Colorado 14er Event, Summer 2018, Mt. Yale

Mark Molberg

Good morning!


I have already been pondering what to climb this year for the 14er event. Last year I climbed Missouri Mountain on Saturday, then worked race communications for the Leadville Boom Days Burro Race on Sunday. I think two 14ers in one weekend might be a bit much for me. I really hope I can work that race again this year on Sunday.


There are several unactivated summits that are part of the Colorado Centennials that have not been activated yet. I might do one of those. Ice Mountain, W0C/SP-005 13,951 and Emerald Mountain, W0C/SP-006 at 13,904 feet are on my short list for Saturday.






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Hi Ham14er Folks.  Greetings from the flatlands.  This year we plan to ascend and work from Mt. Yale.  Last year in the 14er Event we enjoyed making contacts from Humboldt Peak.  We have been monitoring the posts of  reports of injuries and fatalities among climbers, and it truly is heartbreaking and sobering, so we all obviously have to keep that in mind.  Still, we look forward to the challenge.  Hope everyone has a pleasant Spring.


73  Gerry KC5JKU      


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