Re: Colorado 14er Event, Summer 2018, Mt. Yale

Bob K0NR

Great to see that people are already planning for the 14er event.
I confess that this caused me to set up the table in the database for 2018 operating plans, which can be found here:
This table is the place to indicate operating plans. The basic idea is that we can cover more summits and have a more fun event if we spread out a bit.
(If we all end up on the same mountain, it will be a crowded, QRM-filled weekend.)

73, Bob

Bob Witte / K0NR / @K0NR /

On 13-Feb-18 7:08 AM, Gerry Paschal oldenburgite@... [ham14er] wrote:

Hi Ham14er Folks.  Greetings from the flatlands.  This year we plan to ascend and work from Mt. Yale. Last year in the 14er Event we enjoyed making contacts from Humboldt Peak. We have been monitoring the posts of  reports of injuries and fatalities among climbers, and it truly is heartbreaking and sobering, so we all obviously have to keep that in mind. Still, we look forward to the challenge.  Hope everyone has a pleasant Spring.

73  Gerry KC5JKU

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