Re: Colorado 14er Event, Summer 2018, Mt. Yale

Gerry Paschal

Hi Bob.  Sorry, but will not be able to make the upcoming lunch.  Still, would like to check in.  During the lunch, please give me a message at 918-695-3974, and I will return call and check in with everyone.

Regards,  Gerry Paschal   KC5JKU 

On Tuesday, February 13, 2018, 9:19:46 AM CST, 'Bob Witte (K0NR)' bob@... [ham14er] wrote:


Good discussion.
Joyce and I don't have much of a plan yet, other than blocking out
Thursday/Friday/Saturday/Sunday on the calendar.
Thursday and Friday will be warm up hikes on SOTA summits, then probably
a 14er on either Saturday or Sunday.
There is usually an increase in SOTA activity in Colorado right before
the 14er event.

I will admit that I've come to appreciate the SOTA summits above 12.5k
feet as you get wonderful views without the crowds that sometimes
convene on the more popular 14ers.

73, Bob K0NR

Bob Witte / K0NR / bob@... /

On 13-Feb-18 8:09 AM, wa6mm@... [ham14er] wrote:
> Mark,
> This is a 14er event...
> We need you up on a 14er that weekend OM!
> Good to see Gerry and others already planning ahead for this years
> event!!  I may start thinking about this in several months...
> 73, Brad
> ---In ham14er@..., >
> There are several unactivated summits that are part of the Colorado
> Centennials that have not been activated yet. I might do one of those.
> Ice Mountain, W0C/SP-005 13,951 and Emerald Mountain, W0C/SP-006 at
> 13,904 feet are on my short list for Saturday.
>  73,
> Mark

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