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Jeff <jeff@...>

I wish I had a suitable 2M rig. I do have an Ft-90, did you ever try one portable? It would provide 2 and 70cm...

The battery for my old Icom HT will not take a charge.

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More signups coming in. Thanks!

Sorry about the problems with Yahoo groups...we'll likely migrate to
another system before next year.

I see KE0RBF has signed up for Pikes Peak on Sunday. Great! If you plan
to drive up, be advised that access to the summit is via free shuttle
bus due to construction on the new summit house. They will likely have
you park at Devils Playground and catch the shuttle there.

If anyone else plans to do Pikes, let us know so people can coordinate.
A crowd of people all trying to operate on the same band does not go well.

I see Mount Evans has activators on Saturday (W0CA) and Sunday (N0XDW).
That is great to see. I will warn you that the summit area can get
crowded on a nice summer weekend. K0JJW and I operated from there last
year with just small VHF antennas and we had people climbing around us
and stepping on gear. Try to find a spot out of the way and minimize the
amount of space you take up.

73 Bob K0NR

Bob Witte / K0NR / @K0NR /

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