Re: First Activation of Maroon Peak - KI6YMZ

David Stillman

Thanks for the kind words, everyone! It was not an easy peak, but I got an early start. Was great working the other 14ers and a handful of stations around the US on hf, including a couple S2S!

Headed to camp at another trailhead now, if my legs and the weather allow I should be up Mt. of the Holy Cross by 9 or so tomorrow.


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Nicely done David (KI6YMZ)!!  I really like the fact that you and several other activators were really close or ahead of their posted times.  It was great to work KI6YMZ, N0MTN, K0NR, K0JJW, and K0ETT on their respective 14ers today.  The weather tuned out to be better than predicted earlier in the week.  I ended up with 40 contacts (many HF!!).  I missed some of the activators who were QRV after I went QRT.

We'll try it again tomorrow.

73, Brad

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