Logging SOTA contacts for the 14er event

Bob K0NR

Just a few thoughts about logging your SOTA contacts from the 14er event

The SOTA program maintains a very robust database for keeping track of SOTA contacts, both for "Activators" and "Chasers".
See http://www.sotadata.org.uk/

Its all done on the honor system, no QSLs or other confirmations required.

If you operated from a summit you probably worked other summits, which is known as S2S (Summit-to-Summit). There are special awards for S2S contacts.
Most mountaintop stations should submit both an "Activator" log, for stations that worked you AND a "Chaser" log for the other SOTA summits you worked.
The "Chaser" log is set up so that you can indicate S2S contacts.

The system is actually quite robust but might be a bit complex the first time you use it. If you need help, give me a holler.

One last thought: there is a really cool SOTA log editor program (free, runs on Windows) that I've found to be useful for creating and editing SOTA logs.
See https://www.g0lgs.co.uk/soft_info.php?AppName=sotacsveditor
I've been using it a lot.

73 Bob K0NR

Bob Witte / K0NR / @K0NR / www.k0nr.com

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