Re: No Success on Antero Today

Jeff <jeff@...>

I checked forecast for Evans yesterday, didn’t show any issues until mid afternoon. Was up to the parking lot by 9 am and the wind was so bad it was difficult to walk or breathe. Waited in car for a let up, it started to rain then switched to snow. 

 Eventually I could see blue sky around the summit so headed up, got the antenna set up for 40m and was calling CQ a minute before the alert. 40 was not hopping, switched to 20 and made a small handful of contacts, then back to 40 for one more contact. Then 6, 6 was not active but first contact was to Georgia 😮. 

Then it started to rain again and turned to snow again and I was glad to be heading down the mountain. 

I was hoping for a S2S with you Brad, maybe next time. 

Speaking of S2S I know I worked at least a couple of S2S, but only got one notated. 

On Aug 5, 2018, at 13:52, wa6mm@... [ham14er]<ham14er@...> wrote:

Sorry to hear that Bob!  I abandoned my 14er climb before I left my house this morning after checking the weather.  I didn't want to drive all the miles, climb for three hours just to turnaround.  At least we had good weather yesterday.  That's why it's good to hold the 14er event for two days rather than one as in the past.

73, Brad

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