Re: Logging SOTA contacts for the 14er event

b underhill

OK I put my QSO's into the SOTA database- 4 from Mt Belford on Saturday.

On Sunday I was set to do Elbert but there was rain at 5am and thunder at 6am, so nothing accomplished that day
Brian  K0BLL

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Just a few thoughts about logging your SOTA contacts from the 14er event

The SOTA program maintains a very robust database for keeping track of
SOTA contacts, both for "Activators" and "Chasers".

Its all done on the honor system, no QSLs or other confirmations required.

If you operated from a summit you probably worked other summits, which
is known as S2S (Summit-to-Summit). There are special awards for S2S
Most mountaintop stations should submit both an "Activator" log, for
stations that worked you AND a "Chaser" log for the other SOTA summits
you worked.
The "Chaser" log is set up so that you can indicate S2S contacts.

The system is actually quite robust but might be a bit complex the first
time you use it. If you need help, give me a holler.

One last thought: there is a really cool SOTA log editor program (free,
runs on Windows) that I've found to be useful for creating and editing
SOTA logs.
I've been using it a lot.

73 Bob K0NR

Bob Witte / K0NR / bob@... /

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