WA6MM 14er Event Log

Brad - WA6MM

Here's my log for Mount Bierstadt on Saturday. Worked 40 stations including five S2S 14ers. Had a great time with 300 people on the trail and summit!! I've never seen so many people out hiking this peak before. I had to find a place to operate away from people and the wind. I decided to climb down the east side of the summit about 15 feet to set up my HF antenna (see attached picture). This also attenuated my VHF signal to the west where other operators were but I was out of the wind and comfortable!

I had several people come and talk to me about what I was doing. They asked some really great questions as I tried to explain ham radio, RF signal propagation, SOTA, and the 14er event. Everybody thought it was really cool and I might have inspired a few to pursue this hobby! I need to craft some sort of card I can give out that details a few things as well as websites they can go to. I had to cut the discussions short as I was trying to get set up and start my activation.

I cancelled my Sunday activation after looking at the weather report at 4am when I was going to leave my house. I can't run down a mountain as fast as David (KI6YMZ) to get away from the lightning ;-).

Thanks for all the contacts and participation in the 14er event!

73, Brad

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