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Hey if I knew that they would be lost mines anymore... 


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I no longer care about the radio propagation but please give me the
exact lat/lon of the huge gold deposits :-)

73 Bob

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> I have not taken up the art of SOTA or 14 teener radio... I should but
> in this case my study from years ago when I lived in the Valley tells
> me that your signals were being bounced by the Lost Gold ledge or
> maybe some other of the "huge" deposits said to exist in that area... 
> numerous lost gold mine stories abound for those peaks and the further
> confusion of signals by the spanish caves, and other artifacts could
> have cause your signals to be "wierdly" bounced around...
> <>
> <>
> I follow the adventures of you Mountaineers with wonder and should gte
> busy with the chase but never seem to be around when your out...
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>>> wrote:
> Hi Bob-
> Thanks for the callsigns.
> Not sure on the arrow. Should have pulled it out at that 2nd site
> but I was ready to get down the mtn. Two other strange things
> occurred to me when I was trying at the peak register. The 1st was
> that the Kit Carson folks were full quieting even as I pointed
> away from them. But the apocryphal transistor and wet noodle would
> have closed that link, I could easily see straight to them. The
> other thing was the Pikes station AJO was telling them he was
> operating into a J-Pole. I could hear him well if I was pointing
> to him, but scratchy. However, if I turned the antenna horizontal,
> we was much improved. I don't get that as I thought a J Pole was
> vertical polarized omni- reflections or two in the path? I did try
> the stock duck antenna from the Peak too, but no difference
> between that and the arrow. Anyway, my current theory is there was
> some shadowing or Fresnel Zone going on with the peaks to the
> north, even though that doesn't make sense as they should be lower
> than Pikes at least. I haven't checked out the arrow since, but
> will do so. I do regularly use it to grab the DUV Telemetry from
> AO-85 which is much further away and a less than a watt cubesat,
> so I think it's working. Up top I even bypassed the diplexer and
> connected the HT via a quad shield shield microwave SMA cable to
> the arrow director with two connectors- SMA barrel from HT to
> cable, SMA to BNA at the arrow. Losses should have been
> negligible. Also, the packets from the peak did go through, showed
> digipeated via WD4IXD- nearly to Topaz Mtn in Hartsel and much
> further than Pikes. Radio is weird sometimes.
> 73s, -Vince
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> Hi Vince...
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> On 08-Aug-18 11:01 PM, ve11a@... ve11a@...> [ham14er]
> wrote:
> > Finally summited Crestone on Sunday (it was my 3rd attempt
> for that
> > one). Conditions were light fog at the peak on the way up,
> which
> > dissipated and were pretty good on the rest of the nearby
> Sangres.
> > That said you could see clouds around in most directions,
> and slight
> > rain fell on the way down. Hiked up the night before- over
> estimated
> > my speed some and ended up hiking down BHP in the dark with a
> > headlamp. I had generated some packets at home, I played
> those on the
> > phone through the Baofeng- and that actually worked! One
> from the
> > Pass, One at the peak. I camped near Cottonwood Lake, hit
> the trail
> > around 7:30AM, summited around 9;30AM. RF Conditions on
> Crestone were
> > frustrating. Seemed the packet had no issues getting out
> ( <>)  I
> > could work the folks on Kit Carson, but we probably could
> have yodeled
> > to one another for what that was worth. I could hear their
> QSOs with
> > Pikes- I could hear him saying he head my call but that I
> hadn't
> > replyed to his response. Must have been some shadow effect
> since Pikes
> > should have had plenty of margin with 7W and 3-el gain. I
> could of
> > course hear all of the Kit Carson guys' side of their other
> QSOs, and
> > usually parts of the other side such as their contact in Salida
> > (partial list of callsigns I could hear but not work- W0AJO,
> > K0NR hiking down, N1TEW, N0TA)- I just couldn't seem to
> establish link
> > with the other folks once they finished up. Scrambled down
> and East
> > maybe .2 miles and 50' vertical (Near the East Crestone
> non-official
> > peak, just in a wind block behind a rock short of that),
> gave it
> > another shot with the rubber ducky and suddenly I was
> working Mt.
> > Bellford and plenty of other folks down in town. Hailstrom
> on the way
> > out I'd have done without, tons of Big Horn Sheep near
> Cottonwood were
> > awesome..
> Does that mean your Arrow yagi was having a problem? Seems
> weird you
> couldn't work at least some of those stations.
> > I didn't have my logbook out for the East Peak. QSOs are
> from memory
> > but I don't have callsigns unfortunately. Should have
> unpacked it but
> > was cold and ready to descend and tried with the stock
> antenna on a
> > lark- not expecting anything better than the arrow would
> have done a
> > few hundred feet over as the crow flies from the climbers'
> register.
> > Go figure. Hopefully they have mine, I was just happy to be
> getting
> > through!
> >
> > Best I can remember:
> > I had a good QSO with two folks on Topaz Mtn, a SOTA
> That would be KX0R and N0TA
> 73, Bob K0NR
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> Rex
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