Re: 14er event last Sunday, Mt. Belford

Gary Burch

Hi Group, I see Jerry, KC5JKU, my fearless leader, just posted also
about our Mt. Belford adventure. The first rain event started just as we
reached treeline Saturday afternoon. We quickly set up our tent and
waited a few minutes for it to subside. Jerry proceeded to get a
campfire going and I thought, "OK, that was our 10% rain forecast, now
for the stars and a pleasant evening." As Jerry said, the star report at
2am was encouraging only to be dampened by the sound of rain on our tent
at 4am. My son Dan, N9JHZ, joined me on my and his first 14er hike.
Starting the hike we discovered the weather pattern was dark clouds,
rain, sleet, hail, clear skies and then repeat. We made it to the top
and I made 2 contacts on 2 meters with KX0R and KI6ASW with my FT-60 and
a rubber duck antenna. I then jumped down to HF to work some SOTA
chasers on 40, 30 and 20 meters. At the Summit it was clear but the wind
was strong and cold so my CW was getting worse as time went on. I was
able to make 37 SOTA contacts before we decided to pack it up and head
down. I was quickly reminded that "down" could be more difficult than
"up", so began the slow (like turtle slow) descent for me. We were all
happy to have achieved the 14er Summit and had a great weekend together.

73 Gary W5ODS

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