Re: 14er event last Sunday, Mt. Belford

Bob K0NR

Hi Gerry,
Sounds like some difficult weather but I’m glad you made the summit and got back down OK.


Bob K0NR


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Finally got time to post a comment to the group.  Our small band did summit Mt. Belford last Sunday.  We hiked to treeline late Saturday and camped.  Had several episodes of hail and rain thru the evening, making it quite miserable.  Stars did peek out around 02:00 and that was fabulous to view.  Sunday morning there was much thunder and sleet and we just about called it off, but it did appear to clear out some around 08:30 and quite a few locals were headed on up, so we followed.  We did summit around 10:00.  We made 5 contacts on 2 meters before losing my antenna to wind gust.  Wind was fierce!!  Gary W5ODS did make around 20 contacts on HF.  We called it off at 11:00 and headed back down, thru several hail episodes and fierce wind gusts.  This was by far the most challenging of any of the 14er's that we have done.


73  Gerry KC5JKU    

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