Another Ham Radio Tech Day - October 13th!

Bob K0NR

Yes, we are back at it with another Ham Radio Tech Day. This day of amateur radio training is aimed at helping hams get started in the hobby by building their skills and knowledge. More experienced radio amateurs will enjoy this event, too.

*Tech Day*

*Black Forest, Colorado*

*Sat Oct 13^th , 2018 (8:30 AM to 3:30 PM) *

Location: Black Forest Fire Station 1
11445 Teachout Road, Colorado Springs*

*Come to our one-day ham radio education event.

* Improve your radio knowledge and skills
* Learn from informative presentations on amateur radio topics
* Have your handheld radio programmed with local repeater and simplex
* Have fun messing around with ham radio stuff!





Doors Open


How to Assemble a 2m J-pole Antenna

Adam White, K4SPB


Portable High Frequency (HF) Operating

Shel Radin, KFØUR


Basic Radio Operating and Net Procedures

Barrett Poe, WØASB




DX with a Technician License Using Satellites

Vince Vella, KI6ASW


VHF Station: Beyond the Handheld Transceiver

Bob Witte, KØNR


Your First HF Station

Stu Turner, WØSTU


End of event

Lunch will be provided.

Sponsored by the /
Tri-Lakes Monument Radio Association/
A Colorado-registered 501(c)(3) organization

Check the website for updates: <>
(some details may change)

There is no registration, no fee, just show up, learn and have fun.

Contact: Stu Turner, WØSTU, stu.turner@...

Flyer attached. Please spread the word.

73 Bob K0NR

Bob Witte / K0NR /@K0NR /

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