Re: Good Day Today

Mark Molberg

"How was HF?"

I made 6 contacts on 30m CW. I wanted to play more HF but the clouds were building and I decided it was time to get off Mount Belford. 

I tried 20m CW but there was a contest going on so I stuck with 30m.

I drove through Leadville last night and arrived at the 
Missouri Gulch trailhead last night. I hiked from 8 to 930 pm and set up my hammock. Got a good start at 530 this morning. 


On Sat, Aug 3, 2019 at 3:40 PM, Bob K0NR
<bob@...> wrote:
Overall, it was a good day today for the Colorado 14er Event.
There seemed to be plenty of activity on 2m FM and people did a good job
of starting on 147.42 and moving up to 147.45 and 147.48.
(At least that's what I heard from South Peak.)

Brad/WA6MM texted me that he had to abandon the effort on Mount Yale due
to a foot problem. Ouch.

I did get skunked on the "exotic bands/modes": 2m ssb, 6m ssb, 222 fm
and 1.2gig fm. Oh well.

How was HF?

73 Bob

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