Re: K0NR + K0JJW - Day 2 Colorado 14er Event

David Stillman

With any luck that will be changing in the coming weeks, as soon as I hear back from the FCC with a (zero included!) new call... I'm not holding my breath though!


On Sun, Aug 4, 2019, at 19:48, Bob K0NR wrote:
Oops, David's call is KI6YMZ

(But half the time on the air, I put a zero in for the number.)

Bob Witte / K0NR / @K0NR /

On 04-Aug-19 5:24 PM, Bob K0NR wrote:
Day 2 of the Colorado 14er Event worked out well for Joyce/K0JJW and me.
We activated SP-042, an unnamed summit about 2 miles south of
Cottonwood Pass.
This is a wonderful hike that follows the Continental Divide Trail, on
top of the world.
This is the third time we've activated it. Highly recommended.

I think there were fewer activators out today but we still had plenty
of action.
Most of our contacts were 2m FM but I was pleased to snag an S2S
contact using 2m SSB with David/KI6YM on Princeton.
I also worked Jay/W9RM near Olathe, CO at a distance of about 85
miles. Easy peasy on 2m SSB.
I also caught Bob/W0BV on 6m SSB.

The weather cooperated and only a single thundercloud was in the area
around 1 PM as we reached the trailhead.

73 Bob

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