Re: W0C/FR-004 - Contact Summary

Bob K0NR

Brad is correct on entering the S2S contacts on the SOTA database. Kind of a pain.

A method that I have found useful is the G0LGS SOTA editor. You can enter your log into the editor, indicating the summit you were activating and the summit of the other station (if any).

First, you go to the SOTA database web site and upload the file as an activator log (csv format). Then you upload the same file as a Chaser/S2S log. On the second upload, the web site is smart about ignoring anything that is not S2S.

The software is here:

A slight learning curve but not too bad. Worth the time if you are doing SOTA activations.

73 Bob

Bob Witte / K0NR / bob@... /
On 05-Aug-19 10:34 AM, Brad - WA6MM wrote:

Hi Dan,
Great job doing Pikes Peak the hard way!
Enter all of your activations (including S2S) as an "activator entry".  Then you need to re-enter all of your S2S contacts as a "chaser entry".  At the bottom of each chaser  entry it will ask you if this was a S2S contact.  Then you need to enter your summit info.  It's a bit of a pain but that's the process for now.  I believe they will eventually make this easier on us!!

73, Brad

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