Re: Hi Jeff


Hey Dan and group,

I'm the other Jeff I guess. Years ago, I organized an event here in
New Mexico with a group of 10-12 Hams and their HTs and beams to play
on top of New Mexico's 10K+ mountain peaks. We called it the New
Mexico 10,000 foot Mountain Topp'n Handy Talk'n event. The NM10kMTHT
was great fun and we did it on the first weekend of June each year
for two years. The third year, I changed jobs and the event

I still try to keep up with what goes on during the Colorado event in
August and hope some day to be some where in Northern NM during your
event to make some contacts.

Thanks for adding me to the list over here at Yahoo.


--- In ham14er@y..., "Dan Hupp" <dhupp4@h...> wrote:
Welcome to our tiny (at the moment) group. Now we have 2 jeff's &
Dan, that should be nice and confusing. I'll be moving the mailing
list over here next weekend & that will add 70 folks or so, all at
various levels of confusion so things will probably get more
interesting at that point.

Don't recall talking to you but Jeff (N0XDW) & I normally hang out
449.45 (103.5 tone) so maybe I will get to meet you at some point.

73 Dan N0TZL

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