Re: Longs

Eric Krohn

We're not doing Longs Peak, but we'd love to set up a sched to work
someone on Longs. We plan to climb Handies Peak, so having a QSO with
Longs on 2m FM simplex would be a nice achievement. Longs is the
furtherest 14er from Handies at 190 miles.

We plan to do the longer trail up Grizzly Gulch this time, so I'm
confident that I will _not_ be on the summit by 09:00. However, my son,
KC0CEN, is in far better shape (!) and should be up by 08:30 or so. (He
finished the Pikes Peak Ascent last weekend in under 4.4 hours, so this
less strenous trail should be easy for him!) Both of us will have 3
element 2m yagis.

Eric Krohn

You write:

I am interested in hiking Longs Peak. Will there be anybody heading
up there and would you be interested in meeting and hiking together?
Please send a time and a place to meet.


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