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Jeff <n0xdw@...>

Peter can you get in touch with us on the 449.450 repeater this evening? I
contacted Chris off list and he will most likely join us, and i suspect there
would be room for you as well, or at least if you join us it increases the odds
that one of us will make it to the top. I intend to bring a 70 cm Beam and
perhaps a dipole for 20. We will have the FT-817 with us. If you have a 2 meter
beam that would be great, or some other band to help us cover the bases.
73 de NXDW

Peter Fahringer wrote:

Hi all.

I have out-of-town guests this weekend (my parents!), but am entertaining
the possiblity of climbing Mt. Sherman early in the day and meeting them
in Breck by lunch. Wondering if anyone else has Sherman in their sights?
Alternatively, I'm interested in joining Jeff (N0XDW) and/or Ron (KLMD) on
Longs early in the day. Could you guys email or call me with your schedule?

I was on top of Humboldt Peak on Monday and enjoyed the views. Worked a
couple 2m repeaters in CO, NM, and even Amarillo TX before returning
down. Hoping to work as many mt. top stations as possible regardless of
where I end up.

P.S. Chris (KOCAO), the Yahoo database shows Jeff and Ron climbing Longs.

73's, K3OG

Peter Fahringer
S.M. Stoller Corporation
990 S. Public Rd., Suite A
Lafayette, CO 80026
(303) 546-4488 (Direct)
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