Re: change of plans



I'll be down in Albuquerque Saturday, but should be back home by Sunday, so
hope to work you on one or more bands. Should be easy to do as all three are
line of site from here.


Dave N


Quoting n0ec <n0ec@...>:

Since someone else has plans for Long's Peak, I'm planning on being
on either Kit Carson Peak, Crestone Peak, or Crestone Needle (all
near Westcliff, SW of Pueblo). I will have 2 meter ssb, as well as
limited power on 144/220/440 fm. I will also be using a 4 element
yagi, and plan on being there as close to 9 am as possible, and
depending on weather and battery life, stay through noon. I will
also be keeping contact through the Colorado Connection repeater
system. Hope to catch ya all.

Ron - N0EC

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